New STP Registration
The following documents have to be furnished to the Director, STP - Kolkata while submitting the application :
Application must be made in the prescribed form duly signed by the authorised signatories on each page with official seal.
Application will have to be submitted in triplicate in case the approving authority is the Director, STP-Calcutta. Otherwise, it has to be submitted in 14 copies.
A Project Report highlighting the potential in man-power expertise, marketing and customer support arrangements, business plans, type of software development plan, projected Profit & Loss A/c, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement for 5 years.
Document evidencing sole proprietary concern/partnership firm/company registration, Memorandum of Association, Articlaes of Association etc.
Technical/financial agreements with the foreign collaborator, if any.
A Demand Draft amounting to Rs. 2,500/- is required towards application fee.
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